General Class Information — Summer 2017

What subjects does Legend College Preparatory offer?


This summer, we give the STEM-minded students the options of adding a Science Application component to their math. For example, a student taking an Algebra 2 course may opt for Algebra 2 for Science and Technology. Students taking Science Application courses attend one more session on Fridays in addition to their normal class hours. Legend offers a complete sequence of math course with Science Applications from Algebra I to Pre-Calculus Honors: Algebra I for Science & Engineering, Engineering Geometry with Physics, Algebra 2 for Science and Technology, Applied Math and Engineering: Algebra 2/Trig for Engineers, Trigonometry for Applied Engineering, to Precalculus Honors for Computer Science.


Lab science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics are available in the summer. These are an opportunity for students to expand their science course of studies that would not otherwise be possible with a traditional school schedule. Middle school and incoming freshman students may consider taking Conceptual Physics to prepare for AP level Physics courses. We advise careful considerations of prerequisites before enrolling a science class.

Social Sciences

Legend students study up to 4 years of history and social science courses as opposed to the 3-year track within many Californian public schools. This helps our students achieve the growing demands of top-tier colleges which are asking for an extra year of social science and/or history training as a requirement for admission. Courses in social sciences train students to analyze worldwide trends, interpret documents, and critically defend their ideas. These skills are necessary for future interdisciplinary studies (such as AP Capstone) that students encounter in higher education, as well as their careers.

College & Career Ready

The 5-credit course “Begin Planning for Your Future Today” helps students developed actionable college goals. It gets students college ready by taking them through a data-driven journey to sort out interests, passions, talents, majors, and careers. At the end of the course, students will share their visions and announce college goals and plans in front of a panel of family friends and relatives. The course sets the student in a direction that he/she has well thought out. All subsequent college planning and processes will just come into place.


Some Legend courses are categorized as Pre-AP. These courses prepare students to take the same subject the following year as an AP course. Courses in this category that are open for enrollment in the summer include Pre-Calculus Honors, Chemistry Honors, Introduction to Java Programming, Conceptual Physics, and Engineering Geometry with Physics.


Carrying a heavy course load during the academic year can be a daunting task and negatively impact your GPA. If this is the case for you, then summer is the best time to take an extra AP class. In addition to preparing you for success in college, AP courses help you stand out during the college application process by demonstrating that you have pursued a rigorous and comprehensive course of study. Taking an additional AP courses also give you the opportunity to improve your GPA. Legend offers a total of 13 AP courses this summer.

Credit Recovery

Poor health, large class size, and incompatible learning styles are among the many reasons that even responsible, hard-working students sometimes struggle with particular courses. Students who have earned letter grades of “D” or “F” during the academic year may take advantage of Legend’s credit recovery program over the summer. The program allows students to recover lost credits, replace failing grades, continue taking courses in the correct sequence, and graduate on schedule. You may choose to retake the first semester, the second semester, or both semesters of a course. The semester’s content will be retaught in its entirety. The goal is to ensure that the student not only recovers credits and betters his or her grade, but also becomes proficient enough with the content to progress to the next level. Students who are interested in Legend’s credit recovery program should seek prior approval from their high school guidance counselors. Contact the school office at if you have questions about credit recovery.