General Policy — Summer 2017

Attendance, Workload, & Pace

Ten-credit academic courses require consistent attendance of a minimum of 38.5 out of 42 scheduled instructional hours, while 5-credit courses require consistent attendance of all 21 scheduled instructional hours. Because courses move at an accelerated pace, students should be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time to complete all readings, writings, assignments, and group discussion preparation through guided learning and/or independent studies. Additionally, students must be present for the final on the last day of each semester. Any student exceeding the maximum allowable absences will be required to immediately arrange for a make-up session. There are no refunds for dropped students after the 3rd session, regardless of the number of school days remaining. Legend doesn’t encourage dropping a class because the student finds it too hard or boring. Our teaching goal is to enable a student to succeed, and we strive to use different teaching methods to fit different learning styles. It is our belief that learning often comes from perseverance. Therefore, before you decide to enroll, make sure you can commit to completing the course in its entirety. Further details about the consequences of being tardy or leaving class early will be sent to students and parents following registration.


Course Type Tuition
Division 1 $1095
Division 2 $1395
Pre-AP $1695
AP Courses $1995
All Science: Lab fees $200


Online enrollment at begins on February 1, 2017. Please be sure to provide thorough and accurate information when registering your student, as transcripts are extracted from these data fields.

Friday Clinics

Free optional Clinics are drop-in sessions available on Friday mornings, where teachers are available to answer questions. We encourage students to participate and take the advantage of this resource as much as possible and parents to take this into considerations when they plan for the summer.

Test Retakes

In all classes, students have the option to retake tests to achieve the best results. For those who take this option, final grades would be calculated based on the higher score between regular final and retake. That is, there is no loss on the students if they want to attempt higher.  However, we also want to ask students to try their absolute best to do well in the regular final and see this retake option just as a back-up. The dates of Retake Finals are listed below:

  • Session I: Fri, 8/4, 9:00 or Mon, 8/7, 5:00
  • Session II: Fri, 8/25, 4:00 or Mon, 8/28, 4:00
  • Personalized schedule request is available at $150. All retakes must be completed by 8/28, 2017.

Students who decide to participate must submit an online request by 7/31 for SI and 8/21 for SII.


Upon completion of the summer course, each student will receive an unofficial transcript and may make request for a formal transcript with letter grades for his/her summer course. Continuing students will have a transcript showing all course work at Legend. Official transcripts incur a fee of $10 each and request could be made by filling out the Transcript Request Form.

Application and Student Record

For formal student record purposes, new students are required to fill out a packet of student application and record. Parents will receive this form in digital format via email once when the students have enrolled.  If you do not receive it in a week, please reach out to to make a request.

Change of Schedule, Withdrawals, & Refunds

Our refund policies for tuition will be paid in smaller proportions as the first day of class draws closer. In the situation when you decide to withdraw: 

30+ days before 6/12/2017: 100% tuition
29-14 days before 6/12/2017: 75% tuition
13-1 day(s) before 6/12/2017: 50% tuition
After the first or second class: 25% tuition
After the third class: No refunds 

If you wish to claim credit towards the tuition of another class, we will credit your account as follows: 

14+ days before 6/12/2017: 100% credit
13-1 day(s) before 6/12/2017: 75% credit
After the first or second class: 50% credit
Between the third and fourth class: 25% credit
After the fourth class: No tuition credited 


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Legend College Preparatory in Cupertino is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges. All courses offered are UC approved A-G courses.