Special Instructions for Computer Science Classes

For programming classes, we will use a programming development environment which allows easy access to programming tools, an integrated compiler, and program editing features. The following software programs should be downloaded and installed on the student’s personal laptop prior to the start of the first class. The student will be expected to bring this laptop for every class session, together with necessary accessories such as chargers or a mouse.


  1. The student will need to download the Java Development Kit. This software (JDK) is accessible free of charge. The latest version can be found here. Please read the following instructions to ensure that you can navigate through the link properly:
    • Click on the download button below “JDK”.
    • On the subsequent download page, click the “Accept License Agreement” button under “Java SE Development Kit 8u121”.
    • Select the correct package from the Java SE Development Kit 8u121 list. If you are on a PC, please download the Windows x64 version. If you are on a Mac select the Mac OSX version.
  2. In addition, we recommend that the student downloads one of the following editors:

These are development environments specifically designed for Java programming. They provide an easy way to edit, compile, and run all your programs.

BlueJ and Eclipse are both suitable for beginners, as well as advanced programmers, but BlueJ is a more class-based visual environment, and therefore often considered more intuitive for Object Oriented design. Eclipse is a very popular environment for both academic and professional purposes.

Both are accessible free of charge.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Legend computer science instructor if you have any questions or concerns.