Absences and Make Up Policy — Summer 2017

Duration and Absences

The first 2017 summer school session is six weeks long and begins the week of June 12. The second session is three weeks long and begins July 24. First Session classes meet two times a week (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) for 3.5 hours per day. Second Session classes meet four times a week (Monday through Thursday) for 3.5 hours per day. Students taking step-up math courses attend 3 extra Friday sessions. Students have the option to substitute missed weeks with individual make-up sessions, upon availability, at the beginning or end of the term for an additional fee. Please refer to the Make-Up Session Tuition Table below for details. Note that a week in Session Two is the equivalent of two weeks in Session One. If you are planning on substituting a week or weeks with make-up sessions, please contact the school office at office@legendcp.com as soon as you know your summer schedule and before the summer session starts. Available time slots for make-up sessions are very limited, so we encourage parents to schedule the necessary sessions as soon as possible.  Please be reminded that requests of make-up sessions after the summer has started usually have trouble getting that fulfilled, if not impossible.


Course Type Tuition
Division 1 $1095
Division 2 $1395
Pre-AP $1695
AP Courses $1995
All Science: Lab fees $200

Make-up Session Tuition

Parents may plan make-up sessions if absences are needed due to minor schedule conflict due to vacation, and other summer activities. You may reference the table below for fees required of for make-up sessions. (Please refer to Attendance, Workload, & Pace section for allowable absences in the summer.)

No. of Weeks Missed Make-up Hours Needed Division 1 Course Division 2/Pre-AP AP Course Capstone Prep
1 3 $150 $165 $180 $180
2 6 $300 $330 $360 $360
3 9 $450 $495 $540 $540