2019-2020 School Year Policies

The following sections contain our policies regarding each area of concern. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at office@legendcp.com. Policies may be subject to change before the start of the school year, so please keep apprised of any changes that might occur.


Upon enrollment, parents and students commit to Legend’s code of conduct. Legend’s community members are expected to treat one another with respect and in a manner conducive to a positive and intentional learning environment.

We hold our students to a high standard academically, but also in behavior and attitude. It is our philosophy that school instructors, administrators, and parents must partner in modeling this as well. 


Violators are subject to probation or dismissal without a refund.

Attendance, Workload & Pace

Most classes meet once per week and require consistent attendance for scheduled instructional hours. Additionally, students should be prepared to invest and manage their time to complete all readings, writings, assignments, and group discussion preparation through guided learning and/or independent studies. Students must be present for tests, quizzes, and scheduled presentations. Legend does not encourage committing to or dropping classes frivolously. It is our belief that learning and student success comes from perseverance and ownership. Therefore, before you decide to enroll, make sure your student can commit to completing the course in its entirety and that you are able to handle any scheduling conflicts in advance.

Students who miss more than two classes in a semester will be placed on probation and may be deemed unfit for a group course commitment and subject to being dropped without refund or switched to a 1:1 course arrangement requiring corresponding tuition.

Make-up Session Policies

Parents may request make-up sessions outside of regular class time for up to two absences before being evaluated for probation. You may reference the table below for fees required for make-up sessions. (Please refer to Attendance, Workload, & Pace section for expectations in these areas.) Students are expected to attend their scheduled classes, including quiz, test, and presentation days. In extenuating circumstances, makeup class and tests may be allowed and will require additional teaching and/or proctoring fees. 


Makeups must be done within a week of the original event. If students miss a makeup session, allowance of rescheduling is at the discretion of the instructor.


Makeup Test or Quiz Session

Makeup Midterm or Final

Pre-AP Makeup

AP Makeup






Transcripts and Reporting

Upon completion of a course, students may request transcripts for reporting here. Transcripts are cumulative for returning students.

Student Record Policy

New students taking courses for credit are required provide an official transcript, immunization, and photo for official school records only.

Change of Schedule, Withdrawals & Refunds

Change of schedule, withdrawals, & refunds

Requests to switch classes or schedules are subject to availability and may incur processing fees.

The Refund Policy is as follows:

30+ days before First Day of the Semester: Full refund less $150 processing fee
29-14 days before First Day of the Semester: 75% tuition
13-1 day(s) before First Day of the Semester: 50% tuition
After the First Class: 25% tuition
After the Second Class: No refunds

If you wish to claim credit towards the tuition of another class, we will credit your account as follows:

14+ days before the First Day of the Semester: 100% credit