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AP Practice Tests

Students may attend up to TWO AP practice tests for AP courses taken at Legend only.  Those who are unable to attend the practice tests during AP Review Week (April 16 & 18) may join April 28 and expect a delay in receiving their practice exam score. You may choose to sit for a practice exam with or without attending review.

AP Review Sessions

Students may attend AP Review for courses taken at Legend only. Though it is optional, it is highly encouraged that students attend the free review sessions. You may choose to attend even without taking a practice test. If unable to attend the review sessions, students are welcome to join the ‘17-18 classes throughout April.

RSVP for reviews and practice tests by April 6.

Register for AP Exams by March 30 before fees increase by $65.

Policy Statement:

The AP Review Week is a free, optional service Legend College Preparatory provides to students as an opportunity to sit for practice exams and review course material with an instructor.  Given students come to Legend from across the Bay Area, we appreciate your understanding that it is impossible to accommodate all schedules. Therefore, absences including results of emergency cannot be rescheduled. In cases where students are concerned about an adverse effect of missing the review, 1:1 supplemental class time may be available for $110 per hour. If multiple students are in need of such help, it may be offered at a reduced rate at the school’s discretion. Legend reserves the right to provide such services based on instructor and classroom availability.


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AP Practice Tests

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