Legend supports Academic Vitality

Legend supports Academic Vitality

Taking enough AP level courses will enable you to become an AP Scholar. There are different levels of AP Scholar. Please refer to the website of College Board for details. Plan your course of study early to accommodate these college level courses. You may begin any time by studying those that do not require a prerequisite.  A good one to start with at 9th grade is AP Human Geography. There are also courses that you may have already had the prerequisites such as AP Physics 1 and AP Psychology. Of course, you may always start with qualifying yourself for an AP course by working on the prerequisites. A couple of the Pre-AP courses popular among Legend students are the Introduction to Java Programming and Engineering Geometry with Physics. Legend offers a total of 29 AP courses. Incoming 9th grade students should read the attached prospectus about AP Capstone Projects to learn how they could be more than an AP Scholar. Talk to your guidance counselor about AP course planning or send an email to office@legendcp.com if you need assistance .

[spiderpowa-pdf src=”http://legendcollegepreparatory.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Capstone-Project-Prospectus.pdf”]Capstone Project Prospectus


Get the push & partnership to thrive

Get the push & partnership to thrive

Legend College Preparatory’s Pre-AP Classes are designed to prepare students for the rigorous academic demands of Advanced Placement level classes, while maintaining a fun and engaging learning environment. Students are introduced to advanced concepts and applications in STEM which will help them better understand the connection between various disciplines such as Math, Science, Engineering and Technology. These skills and this level of understanding and mastery are essential to achieve a high rate of success in college level classes. In spite of their more advanced level however, these Pre-AP classes are designed specifically for younger students, even (or especially) those who may not have yet realized their full potential in Math and Science. The Pre-AP classes include a significant amount of hands-on applications and projects which are attractive to younger students, such as the use of Lego Mechanics and Robotics systems, Snapcircuits, Elenco 3000 electronics, MATLAB, and other tools and technologies. The classes teach fundamentals and applications in Mechanics, Electricity, Electronics, Java programming and 4GL programming. Depending on the level, these classes may complement or replace courses in advanced Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry. Students may decide to take those classes at any age, whenever they meet the stated requirements for the class. They may be taken concurrently with other related classes, especially Math classes, such as Algebra I and Algebra II. The following Pre-AP to AP sequences are currently available at Legend:

Computer Science: 

Exploring Computer Science –> AP Computer Science Principles

Introduction to Java Programming –> AP Computer Science A

Physical Science:

Conceptual Physics / Engineering Geometry with Physics –> AP Physics 1 –> AP Physics 2 –> AP Physics C


Chemistry Honors –> AP Chemistry

Biological Science

Biology Honors –> AP Biology

Legend gives students TIME

Legend gives students TIME

Most students don’t have enough time to complete all they want to achieve.  A different learning format at Legend will help you create time. You are not required to spend long hours in the classroom. You are able to finish your study and assignments with a combination of independent studies and classroom instructions. The extra time that you have created allows you to pursue a career-driven course of study, to finish a capstone project, and enjoy more extra-curricular activities. Most of our students are able to finish more AP courses. Talk to our guidance counselors to find out how you can do it.

To make an appointment with a guidance counselor: contact office@LegendCP.com

Revamp Your Course of Study

Revamp Your Course of Study

Students with above-average aspiration

simply should not settle for average course of study

It is always possible to customize your course of study at Legend. You may do one of the followings:

1. Take an entire career-driven course track, such as Technology, Medical, Business, Math, and many others.

2. Supplement your current 4-year course plan with courses that your school is not offering or you can’t fit them into your current schedule.

3. Totally revamp your current course of study to tailor to your college goals.

4. Just increase the rigor of your academic record by taking more advanced placement courses. Legend has 29 of them to choose from.

To find out how you may revamp your course of study: Contact us at office@LegendCP.com or (408)865-0366.