Part-Time Multi-Year Enrollment to Strengthen Your Student Profile

Complete AP Courses before Senior Year Helps You Stand Out in College Admission

Many of our students are looking to complete honors and AP courses with a multi-year plan to build a strong profile for college admission.  Think finishing the essential advanced courses by the end of the junior year before applying for college. You prove your commitment by showing courage to take on a vigorous path and capacity to complete them with success.

How to Manage Workload?

However, how do you achieve that without stressing out yourself? The key is to start early and plan your course of study as early as in 8th grade.  Taking a single course on an as-needed basis can definitely help, but planning with multi-year goals in-mind brings the results to a whole new level.

How do colleges perceive you when you attend a second high school on top of your full-time school? They see a dedicated and courageous candidate who are not only working hard but also purposeful in pursing his/her career success.

Benefits of a Multi-Year Plan

What are the benefits of enrolling with a part-time status versus a single course? First and foremost, it gives the context for the school to know your long-term goals and thus could offer mentoring through course planning consultation and periodic reviews of implementation.  This program can also help position you as a specialist by guiding you through a career related academic track.

Would you like to find out more? Schedule a meeting with our school counselor for more details and explore different course planning options. She will guide you through and help you identify one that matches your career goal and lead you to success.

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