Full-Time Enrollment and Graduate with Honors

Some students enjoy the large social environment at the public high school but their academic potentials are not fully actualized. It is, ironically, due to the large size of the institution. The chances of their high career aspirations being fulfilled are, unfortunately, grim.  Looking for a better chance to fulfill their aspirations and more personal academic guidance, they join Legend College Preparatory to complete an academic track. They fulfill the requirement of a series of honors and AP classes and graduate at LCP with honors.  Yet simultaneously they maintain a full-time status at the public high school with a light academic load. Classes at Legend are available during the regular school hours, as well as late afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays. This strategic balancing act helps them achieve their goals in spite of the challenges.

Growing up in a different school system, some high students join LCP full-time to take courses bridging them back to the public schools. These students may enroll full-time for a semester or a year until they are ready to study in a much larger environment. Some move on and some continue to maintain a part-time status.

Finally, some study full-time at LCP, totally utilize the benefit of our Independent Study, where teachers conduct classes in a private, one-on-one format. They study at LCP because our small and personal environment is where they thrive.

Legend College Preparatory is a private, WASC-accredited school that offers credited courses during the school year and in the summer.

Exploring Legend’s High School Programs

Are you ready to find out more? Fill out the Contact Form to schedule a meeting with our school counselor. This will help you evaluate the chances of a match between Legend and your child. Once when you find that the chances are good, you will then start the official interviewing process.

You don’t need to wait until the Fall to start. Check out our summer course information and catalogs, Session I and Session II. Legend welcomes interested students to enroll summer without a full admission process.