Declare your Academic Track here.

1. Do I have to finish all academic track requirements at Legend?

No, you don’t have to. We accept courses transferred from another accredited high school. You may combine courses finished at your other school and Legend to fulfill the requirements.

2. Does finishing an academic track require a heavy course load? How do I finish all the requirements of an academic track?

All academic tracks require some Advanced Placement level course work. Most Advanced Placement courses require at least some prerequisites. You would have to finish those prerequisites before taking the Advanced Placement courses. Therefore, the key to finishing an academic track is planning and to start your plan as early as possible.

3. How long does it take to finish an academic track?

Expect a minimum of two years in most cases. It may be shorter if you have finished most required courses at another accredited high school.

4. When should I declare an academic track?

You should declare an academic track as soon as you know what you are majoring in college.

5. How many academic tracks are open for part-time students?

There are four academic tracks open for part-time students. They are Computer Science & Technology, Science & Engineering, Health Science & Medical Technology, Business & Humanities.

6. Why aren’t part-time students given more academic tracks?

Full-time students usually start earlier in the planning and have more time studying at Legend. For some more customized academic tracks, they require classes that we may not be able to offer on a regular schedule. Therefore, those tracks may be difficult for part-time students to finish.

7. Why do I need a mention of academic track on my transcript?

There are many reasons, including but not limited to:

• It provides a clear focus in your course of study, making the match to your college major a logical conclusion.
• It helps you to plan a clear path for your course work.
• It helps whoever is reading your transcript to understand what you have prepared yourself for and your true academic passion.

8. How do I transfer courses I have finished at another school?

After you have declared your academic track, you will have to send an official transcript to Legend from your high school. Legend will review your transcript and include those transferrable courses on our transcript for fulfilling the academic track requirements.

9. What if I am homeschooled and take only a few courses at LCP?

Homeschooled students who have taken courses at another accredited high school may transfer their courses to Legend the same way as other part-time students. Legend accepts some homeschooled coursework to fulfill Advanced Placement prerequisites. But all Advanced Placement coursework used for fulfilling academic track requirements are required to be taken either at Legend or at another accredited high school.

10. Can I just take one course at Legend and have all other courses transferred from another accredited high school and get the mention of academic track in my Legend transcript?

No. Part-time students have to take at least three courses at Legend to qualify for the academic track mentioned in the transcript.