Course Selection FAQ

Course Selection FAQ

Can I take AP courses in 9th Grade?

Certainly. There are AP courses that have zero or basic prerequisites. AP Human Geography challenges students in critical reading and writing, fostering skills in literature analysis, research, and communication.   Students who complete Conceptual Physics in middle school may consider taking AP Physics 1 in 9th grade to ensure he/she is able to finish more advanced physics classes before 12th grade.


I can’t double up on science courses at my school. What can I do?

Pair our science tracks with the ones at your full-time high school. If you’re taking Chemistry at school already, consider completing the Physics track at Legend.

Conceptual Physics à AP Physics 1 à AP Physics 2 à AP Physics C

Biology / Biology Honors à Chemistry / Chemistry Honors à AP Chemistry / AP Biology


I completed the prerequisite at Legend, but my school says I cannot take the subsequent course. Why? What can I do?

Unfortunately, your full-time school may have regulations and limitations to work within that are outside of our control — class size, grade level restrictions, etc. Consider taking the subsequent course at Legend to fulfill the same requirement.


I don’t have a college plan yet. Where should I start?

Take courses that will help you succeed in subsequent classes and add value to a variety of college majors. Critical Reading, Persuasion, and Presentation, AP Human Geography, and AP Computer Science Principles are just a few courses that can lead to a multitude of disciplines in language, social science, science, and technology. Also, take advantage of our new offering of College and Career Readiness classes.


I am already so busy! How can I balance courses at my full-time school and Legend?

Vet the effectiveness of your study plan with 2 things in mind:

  1. Does this course substantiate my goals for college or career?
  2. Do I love or need this class or subject?
  3. Is this course available to me where I study full-time?

There are classes worth making time for. For our busy community, we offer alternatives to our group classes running from Fall-Spring. Carve out time in summer or plan a 1-on-1 class that fits your schedule.



What are the differences between AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles?

AP Computer Science A requires knowledge of Java programming. It prepares students who are aiming for majors in engineering and technology. AP Computer Science Principles, a new course, is a more general technology course that empowers students of other majors to familiarize themselves with current technologies. Most colleges will want to see an advanced level course in technology on your transcript.

How do dual credit courses work?

Some classes allow students to opt for dual credits, granting them college credits in addition to the ones provided by Legend. Currently, Legend has two dual credit courses offered alongside San Jose State University- AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics. The corresponding courses are Econ 1A and Econ 1B at SJSU.

Are Legend courses UC approved?

Yes, all of our high school level courses are UC approved. See our A-G list here:


Does Legend offer help for college planning?

Yes, we do. “Begin Planning for Your Future Today: college and career readiness” is a course intended to prepare students for college and beyond, beginning as young as 6th grade. Additionally, we are also available for college admissions counseling.