Pre-AP (Science & Technology)

Legend College Preparatory’s Pre-AP Classes are designed to prepare students for the rigorous academic demands of Advanced Placement level classes, while maintaining a fun and engaging learning environment. Students are introduced to advanced concepts and applications in STEM which will help them better understand the connection between various disciplines such as Math, Science, Engineering and Technology. These skills and this level of understanding and mastery are essential to achieve a high rate of success in college level classes. In spite of their more advanced level however, these Pre-AP classes are designed specifically for younger students, even (or especially) those who may not have yet realized their full potential in Math and Science. The Pre-AP classes include a significant amount of hands-on applications and projects which are attractive to younger students, such as the use of Lego Mechanics and Robotics systems, Snapcircuits, Elenco 3000 electronics, MATLAB, and other tools and technologies. The classes teach fundamentals and applications in Mechanics, Electricity, Electronics, Java programming and 4GL programming. Depending on the level, these classes may complement or replace courses in advanced Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry. Students may decide to take those classes at any age, whenever they meet the stated requirements for the class. They may be taken concurrently with other related classes, especially Math classes, such as Algebra I and Algebra II. The following Pre-AP to AP sequences are currently available at Legend:

Computer Science: 

Exploring Computer Science –> AP Computer Science Principles

Introduction to Java Programming –> AP Computer Science A

Physical Science:

Conceptual Physics / Engineering Geometry with Physics –> AP Physics 1 –> AP Physics 2 –> AP Physics C


Chemistry Honors –> AP Chemistry

Biological Science

Biology Honors –> AP Biology