Pre-AP (Social Sciences)

Most AP courses in the social sciences do not have specific prerequisites. For example, AP Human Geography has been popular with 9th grade students. The course challenges students in critical reading and writing, fostering skills in literature analysis, research, and communication – it has no prerequisite. Furthermore, AP Psychology can also be taken at any high school level.

Traditionally, there are less Pre-AP classes for the social sciences. But there is one area that Legend believes will greatly enhance a student’s ability and performance in this AP category – critical reading and writing. Demonstration of proficiency in AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Microeconomics will be bolstered by training in critical reading and writing.

Legend, therefore, offers two critical reading and writing classes for students who are ready to prepare for more demanding classes. If you are planning to start AP classes in 9th grade with a social science, you should seriously consider completing one of the two preparatory courses in middle school.

Pre-AP Social Sciences:

Critical Reading, Persuasion, and Presentation –> AP Human Geography / AP Psychology / AP Macro & Micro