College Admission Effort Starts in Middle School

Our Young Scholar After School Program advocates for a strong course of study and a multi-year roadmap, which show how a student challenges oneself through coursework relevant to their major, well-rounded extracurricular activities, and distinguished opportunities to set themselves above the competition.

Young Scholar After School Program

What Will Students Achieve?

Positioned to Earn high school credit in Math & Science before G9 

Expanding Academic Capacity

  • Identify strengths and academic gaps using ACT Aspire, a standardized academic test for G3 – G8
  • Reinforce strengths and safely tackle weakness through coursework
  • Connect interests to real-life application through exposure to STEM & Advanced Humanities

Earn High School Credits in Middle School

  • Courses on UC approved a-g list are recognized by colleges and universities
  • Grades are recorded on the student’s official transcript


Develop Advanced Math and Science Skills

  • Pre-AP scaffolds pathways for Grade 6/7 students for advanced coursework
  • Early start in Honors classes for qualified Grade 7/8 students
  • Complete Algebra II/Trig as early as Grade 8
  • Ready for Pre-calculus Honors before Grade 9

Course Planning Consultation

  • Discover individual interests and strengths
  • Determine priority coursework for a strong profile
  • Remove stress and uncertainty from middle and high school planning

After School Program Starts Thursday, 8/15,

Classes Starts on Monday, 9/23

Check Course Calendar for More Notable Dates

Figure Out Personal Roadmap

Schedule a course planning session with an adviser to see which courses are right for your child, and see different possible roadmaps for the coming years until college admission . 

Are You Ready?

How It Works


1. Learn about Subject Pathways

Learn more about subject pathways that show you which course you should start for different subjects.


2. Figure out Your Multi-Year Roadmap

Schedule a course planning session to figure out your multi-year roadmap and what classes to take in 19-20


4. Enroll

Enroll online

and get ready to thrive!

Fall starts on Monday, September 23

After School Program for Kindergarten to Grade 5

If you are looking for an academically robust after school program for Kindergarten to Grade 5 in Cupertino, please check out the one at Legend Learning Center.  There were more than 30 students taking ACT Aspire last year, and all of them perform very well in the test. The results attest to what the young students have learned and how well they are learning at Legend Learning Center.

Legend Learning Center prides itself being the provider of a supportive and well structured multi-year academic program that has been proven effective in supplementing learning at schools. In addition, these programs vertically align with the accredited and UC approved curriculum of our high school, Legend College Preparatory. Many students in the district have successfully studied our accredited math, science, and English curriculum and found them helpful and enabling for college admissions.

Students who have followed through our multi-year academic and career interest discovery program in Cupertino tend to be more confident, academically prepared and advanced. They start taking UC approved and Pre-AP courses early, and accumulate an impressive transcript.

Legend Learning operates two after-school programs in Cupertino. The after school program for elementary students is located at 20289 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA95014. The after-school program for middle school students operates at Legend College Preparatory 21050 McClellan Road, Cupertino, CA95014.

Enrollment for 19-20 school year has started. For questions about our after school programs in Cupertino, please contact us at or call us (408)253-6944.