One Month of Prep? No Problem for LCP’s Science Olympiad Team!

Legend’s Science Olympiad Team won six medals at the Mesa-Wilson Science Olympiad Tournament on Saturday, January 28. The team traveled to Glen A. Wilson High School, where they competed among other high schools nationwide. A team of seven students, ranging from ninth to tenth grade, competed in eleven out of twenty-three events. The team got medals for placing 1st in Experimental Design, 2nd in Microbe Mission (Microbiology), 3rd in Towers Building, 5th in Helicopter (Aerodynamics), 1st in Wind Power (Theory and Device), and 6th in Invasive Species. Team members began training for the competition during and after the 2016 Christmas break. When asked what was most challenging about the competition, the team mentor stated that, “For the theories, the subject matter is wide and deep. The devices need a lot of practice and it is hard to find a gym to practice.” Despite the challenges, the team was thrilled when they received their medals because they were able to see the rewards of their hard work. The Mesa Robles Science Olympiad’s mission states that, “At Mesa Robles, we strive to encourage all students to be scientists, and explore their world. Students who participated in Mesa Science Olympiad have gone on to be architects, environmentalists, researchers, doctors, and people who make a positive impact on our world.” Next year, Legend’s team hopes to compete out of state, and they all look forward to conquering all the new challenges in competitions to come.