Summer School 2018

How Does Taking Summer Courses Help?

People often ask if it is too stressful for students to take summer courses. Actually our experience tells us that school stress first comes from uneven distribution of workload. Enrolling a course that the student is not ready is another cause of stress.

On the other hand, stress will become more manageable when students spread out their course load all through the year. It will be essential, too, to enroll a course at the right challenge level. This way students would become more engaged and motivated. This strategy will help manage stress more effectively than packing all the coursework in the school year, especially most often within the sophomore and junior years.

How Does Taking Summer Courses at LCP Make a Difference?

Legend College Preparatory is a private, WASC-accredited school that offers credited courses year-round. We offer summer courses as well as during the school year.  Many of our students attend part-time, as they attend a public school during the school year and come to us for classes in the summer. By using their opportunities at LCP, our students are able to:

  • Get ahead in their coursework by completing prerequisite
  • Complete AP courses they couldn’t fit into their school year
  • Get Credit Recovery for low grades
  • Get access to unique AP classes not normally offered in the Bay Area

How Does Summer Work?

Legend College Preparatory holds two sessions in the summer. Summer courses in the first session is completed in six weeks, and the second session is completed in three. Classes held in the summer cover a full year of content.

Session I courses meet twice per week, in 3.5 hour sessions, for a total of 7 hours of instruction per week (42 hours of instruction in total). Session II courses meet four times per week for the same length and overall instructional hours. Although both sessions cover the same material over equal class hours, the compressed timeframe of Session II is acknowledged to be challenging. We advise all parents to select and schedule their classes with this in mind.

For a full schedule of summer sessions, click here. Ready to enroll? You can complete the process online.

FAQ’s about Taking Summer Courses

Can we really complete summer courses in six (or three) weeks?

Yes. This is something we do regularly at LCP. Our students frequently succeed in learning the needed content during the summer because they are highly focused on a narrower set of subjects, in contrast with their normal school schedules during the rest of the year. That said, students will need strong study skills and devoted work time to effectively thrive in our summer sessions. We also hold academic clinics on Fridays or Saturdays during the summer session to give more face time with teachers for help.

Will colleges accept my credits?

As an accredited institution, colleges will accept our courses for GPA and credits.

Can I transfer these credits to my high school?

That depends on your high school, although we rarely have any issues with credit transfers. If you are looking to use our classes to fulfill prerequisites or for credit recovery, then you should check in with your guidance counselor to see if your school has any procedures to follow.

What if my child has academic difficulty over the summer?

For Academic issues, we advise that you notify the teacher immediately to catch up on any topics your child is falling behind on. The earlier you speak up, the better we can serve you. Although our teachers hold regular in-class assessments, we recommend that parents keep an eye on their child’s progress during the summer.¬† This way we can address any emerging issues with the utmost efficiency.

What if I encounter logistical issues?

Logistical issues tend to be under each family’s control. If you know of any schedule conflicts with other activities, please let your teacher know ahead of time so your child can be prepared with study materials to keep up. Although we do our utmost to be flexible, there will be limits. If you believe your child will miss more than two sessions, we advise very careful planning should you continue with enrollment. (Our past experience is that only high-achieving students can afford to miss more than two sessions.)

Make-up or additional sessions can be scheduled with additional fees.

If I take an AP course over the summer, how do I prepare for the AP exam in May?

We advise all students to do their own review intermittently throughout the school year. However, it requires very intentional effort because other priorities come about in the intervening months. For that reason, we hold review sessions during Spring Break (around mid-April) and practice exams throughout March and April. Our teachers also provide review materials for your AP exam review to maximize students’ chances of success.

What courses do you offer?

Feel free to take a look at our course catalogs for Session I and Session II.

What if I need help to decide which summer course I should take?

Fill out the Contact Form to schedule a course planning session with our school counselor.

Ready to join?

Follow the links to enroll Session I and Session II.

Wonder how our students manage to enroll part-time at Legend and still maintain a full-time status at the public school?

Yes, besides scheduling classes during regular school hours, Legend also offers classes in the late afternoons, evenings, and on Saturdays. While some students take courses at Legend on an as-needed basis, many enroll part-time all through their high school years and even start as early as middle school. While taking a class would definitely help, the continuous strategizing and careful implementation through out the years has brought surprising results.