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4:00-6:00 pm

Critical Reading & Response Writing

Algebra II/Trig

Chemistry Honors

Critical Reading & Research Writing


Conceptual Physics

Logic & Reasoning

Algebra 1

Pre-calculus Honors

Biology Honors

Speech & Debate

Intro to Java Programming

Aspire Biology

Aspire Chemistry

Aspire Physics

Geometry Honors

Java Readiness

Leadership Development Rotation

6:15-8:15 pm

Critical Reading Persuasion & Presentation

Algebra 1

Algebra II/Trig


 To support our busiest parents, Legend offers Academic Coaching, where students complete Young Scholar Program and school assignments under our teachers’ supervision. Academic Coaching sessions are available before or after class, as well as non-class days during the week.

We work with a 3rd party transportation service provider to transport students from school to our facility. Students are offered an option to stay until 6:30 p.m.