College Admission Efforts Start in Middle School

Adolescents start to question who they are and discover meaningful pursuits for their future. Those who finish middle and high school successfully are students who develop clear goals, actionable plans, and useful opportunities. Starting this process early allows time to try new things, build relevant skills, and make prudent decisions leading college applications.

Legend College Preparatory advocates for a strong Course of Study, a profile which shows how an individual student has challenged oneself through coursework relevant to their major, well-rounded extracurricular activities, and distinguished opportunities to set themselves above the rest of the competition.

In fact, moving towards a college focus early ensures lower stress and better results by the time your senior year rolls around. Save all the effort of false starts and dead ends with a course planning appointment today.

Legend College Preparatory’s Young Scholar Program offers necessary training and support to your family to effectively drive the right efforts for your child.

How Does the Young Scholar Program Help?

Expanding Academic Capacity

  • Identify strengths and academic gaps using ACT Aspire, a standardized academic test for G3 – G8
  • Reinforce strengths and safely tackle weakness through coursework
  • Connect interests to real-life application through exposure to STEM & Advanced Humanities

Develop Advanced Math and Science Skills

  • Pre-AP scaffolds pathways for G6/7 students for advanced coursework
  • Early start in AP for qualified G7/8 students
  • Complete Algebra II/Trig as early as 8th grade

Earn High School Credits in Middle School

  • Courses on UC approved a-g list are recognized by colleges and universities
  • Grades are recorded on the student’s official transcript

Course Planning Consultation

  • Discover individual interests and strengths
  • Determine priority coursework for a strong profile
  • Remove stress and uncertainty from middle and high school planning

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How It Works

YSP is held during after-school hours with two major components: Credited Courses and Academic Coaching. Students can earn college preparatory credits even during middle school, which qualify as prerequisites in high school as appropriate. Academic Coaching, where students complete assignments from Legend and/or their public school under teacher supervision. Academic Coaching sessions are available before or after class, as well as non-class days during the week.

Legend with 3rd party transportation service providers to transport students from school to our facility. Students are offered an option to stay until 6:30 p.m.

Schedule a course planning meeting with an adviser to see which courses are right for you. Or if you’re ready to get started, you can enroll online. (Fee schedule for your reference)