Academic Track

Your Course of Study is Key

Colleges don’t just see your coursework as the student you currently are, but the student you will become. Stand out with academic tracks that enhance your profile and skills.

You’re surrounded by students who follow the beaten path. What makes you different?

Anyone can write an essay and just say they’re an interested student. Academic tracks show evidence that you’re serious because they accentuate your Course of Study that is focused and rigorous. Legend has crafted its courses and tracks to give you the skills you’ll need to show up for college as a ready and eager student.

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LCP offers 4 different tracks:

  1. Computer Science and Engineering
  2. Science and Engineering
  3. Health Science and Medical Technology
  4. Business and Social Sciences

Core Requirements for All Tracks:

  • Reading and Writing: Critical Reading, Persuasion, and Presentation, or equivalent coursework
  • Math: AP Calculus AB/BC
  • Technology: Either of the following options:

Option A: Exploring Computer Science & AP Computer Science Principles

Option B: Introduction to Java Programming & AP Computer Science A

Optional Science: (Recommended for Computer Science & Engineering, Science & Engineering, Health Science & Medical Technology tracks)

  1. Mechanics, Physics, & Robotics
  2. Conceptual Physics

Individual Track Requirements:

  • Computer Science & Engineering Track
  1. AP Physics 1 & AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
  2. Introduction to Algorithms
  3. Introduction to Linear Algebra or Discrete Math
  • Science & Engineering Track
  1. At least one of the following AP Physics courses:
    – AP Physics 1
    – AP Physics 2
    – AP Physics C: Mechanics
    – AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
  1. At least two of the following science courses:
    – Biology Honors
    – Chemistry Honors
    – AP Biology
    – AP Chemistry
  • Health Science & Medical Technology Track
  1. AP Biology
  2. AP Chemistry
  3. AP Physics 1
  4. Biotechnical Engineering or Principles of Biomedical Science
  • Business & Social Sciences Track
  1. AP English Language & Composition or Integrated English & Marketing
  2. AP Human Geography or any AP History Course
  3. AP Psychology
  4. AP Macroeconomics/AP Microeconomics*
  5. AP Statistics

*Required for Business Track only, but highly recommend for any Political Science or Economics majors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to finish all academic track requirements at Legend?

No. We accept courses transferred from another accredited high school. You may combine courses finished at your other school and Legend to fulfill the requirements.

Part-time students have to take at least three courses at Legend to qualify for the academic track mentioned in the transcript.

2. How long does it take to finish an academic track?

Expect a minimum of two years in most cases. It may be shorter if you have finished some required courses at another accredited high school. Please keep in mind that many of the final requirements come with prerequisites, so you may want to check our course catalog to keep track of what steps you have to take. Alternatively, we can also assist you if you want to make an appointment. (See below)

The advantage of working with Legend, however, is that we are open year round, so your summers can be very academically productive.

3. When should I declare an academic track?

You should declare an academic track as soon as you know what you are majoring in college.

4. How many academic tracks are open for part-time students?

There are four academic tracks open for part-time students. They are Computer Science & Technology, Science & Engineering, Health Science & Medical Technology, Business & Humanities.

5. How do I transfer courses I have finished at another school?

After you have declared your academic track, you will have to send an official transcript to Legend from your high school. Legend will review your transcript and include those transferable courses on our transcript for fulfilling the academic track requirements.

6. What to do if I am homeschooled and take only a few courses at LCP?

Homeschooled students who have taken courses at another accredited high school may transfer their courses to Legend the same way as other part-time students. Legend accepts some homeschooled coursework to fulfill Advanced Placement prerequisites. But all Advanced Placement coursework used for fulfilling academic track requirements are required to be taken either at Legend or at another accredited high school.

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