Legend College Preparatory

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How it works

High School Courses Earning UC a-g Credits

Legend College Preparatory is a microschool which operates during afternoons and Saturdays during September through May, and all day during Summer. LCP is accredited by WASC, and all high school classes offered grant students college preparatory credit through UC a-g credits.

What does LCP do for its students?

A lot! The primary feature of LCP, however, is in the work we do for a student’s Course of Study. Your Course of Study includes your classwork, your extracurricular activities, and your high school profile – all of which are considered as a part of college candidacy.

Simply put, we position our students with the right classwork and opportunities to put their best foot forward in an increasingly competitive field, whether you’re a part-time or full-time student.

How do you do your classes?

Classes usually meet once per week during the school year, with 2 hours per session. Students still get homework, tests, and labs as appropriate.

That’s a very accelerated pace. Can your students handle it?

Yes. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll definitely be able to get through our courses with everything you need to advance. We cut out the fluff and get straight to the point in our classes. You’re busy students and don’t have time to waste.

What are some of the courses that aren’t always found in other public schools?

AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP Macro/Microeconomics, AP Seminar & Research (AP Capstone), post-Calculus math courses, Computer Science certification courses, and much more!

Location: 21050 McClellan Rd. Cupertino, CA 95014

Telephone: (408) 865 0366

Email: office@legendcp.com

Office Hours: M-F: 10:30am – 6:30pm

*Classes run later than office hours, but we only set prospective appointments during our office hours.

~ Serving the communities of Cupertino, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Los Altos for over 25 years ~

Course Planning

Mapping out your coursework for your upcoming years is a useful process to make sure you hit all of your academic goals. At Legend College Preparatory, we stress the importance of a solid Course of Study. Here are a few things we put into perspective for you as you plan things out:

 Focus on Higher Education: Your intended major should inform you what classes you even need to take. Your targeted tier of schools will inform you how ambitious you’ll need to be. Our most successful students are always clear on their objectives.

Scheduling: When we talk about scheduling, we’re not just talking about your daily life. It’s about making sure you are completing courses in time to meet prerequisites, properly spreading out the work, and by doing so, minimizing the stress of study and uncertainty.

Opportunity: Perhaps most importantly, the earlier you plan, the more opportunities you open for yourself. Successful college candidates don’t just have depth in their chosen field, but are able to have some breadth as a well-rounded individual.

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