Legend College Preparatory

Efficient and Effective

Cover what normally takes an entire year in just 20% of the time, without sacrificing efficacy in understanding and retention.

Focused Trajectory

Fulfill the goals that serve YOUR higher education needs. Take the classes that have the maximum impact on your college profile.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential

In spite of all the extra-curriculars that have spawned over the years, your Course of Study remains the most important aspect of your college profile. Separate yourself from the pack by taking control of where your Course of Study takes you. Intentional choices make the most compelling candidates.

Honors and AP coursework demonstrate desire to challenge oneself

Broad course selection allows for customization of your own path

Relevant, efficient teaching takes out unnecessary fluff

UC a-g approved classes, WASC accredited institution

Goal Setting

Confirm your strengths and pursue your academic desires.

Course Selection

Choose effective courses that build your profile the right way.

Relational Care

Connect with a teacher that serves as your guide through your classwork.

Practical Curriculum

Clear benchmarks, exercises, and lectures will get you to the right place.

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Who Thrives at LCP?

Whether you’re a student who wants to better manage their AP coursework, or a student who needs a second chance, there are great options for you at LCP. We ask that students show up, be present in their class, and follow our teachers’ coursework. Students who demonstrate responsible work ethic will excel in our school. 

How do you finish the courses so quickly?

Not only do we constantly adapt and improve our curriculum, but also how we connect with our students so they can learn efficiently. The total hours spent on each course is similar to the number of lecture hours a single class would have in a college’s quarterly system. Our students perform just as well, if not better, than they do for a similar class in a public institution.

Will my high school accept the credits from your courses?

We have never had any issue with credit transfers from one WASC accredited institution from another. We also accept credit transfers from other high schools to our transcripts as well.

That said, the most important aspect of our coursework is that it adds to your Course of Study for your college admissions. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure a robust path to higher education, not to create more red tape for you to dance around. Click here to learn more about how credit transfers work.

Are your classes UC a-g approved?

Yes. Every single one of our classes are on the UC a-g list, and we are a fully accredited school under WASC.

Can my student handle the extra courseload?

That’s a question best answered by a parent, but we find that most students with a balanced workload do just fine with us. You’ll want to ensure that you plan around sports, clubs, and other obligations.

During the school year, classes meet once per week for 2 hours each session, and twice per week for 3.5 hours each session in the summer.

How do you hold your classes?

You’ll find our classes to be pretty standard. Students still get homework, exams, and labs as appropriate. We’re laser focused each class session so that we don’t waste our students’ precious time, so regular attendance is very important.

Still Need Help Navigating?

The landscape quickly changes when it comes to high school and college plans. We’re especially empathetic towards parents who feel overwhelmed by their school systems and need help to make the wise decisions. Legend is here for you. Book an appointment today!