Take Control of Your Course of Study

Are you ready to do what it takes to get to where you need to go?

One of the most misleading and pervasive ideas that parents and students believe is that if you just do what you’re told, and follow the system, you’ll find success in your education. Few things are further from the truth.

Your high school’s requirements are very unlikely to be aligned with your dream school’s standards. And your high school is also very unlikely to actually help you get to where you need to go. Consider how hard it is to hit the prerequisites you need, and then compete for a spot in an AP course you want to take. On top of that, you need to dance around arbitrary restrictions on how many electives you’re allowed to take, or making you unable to double up on an important subject you care about. All the while, you’re wondering whether you’ll hit the benchmarks you need to attain to get into the higher education path you want to choose.

How exhausting and frustrating that must be.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We work a little differently.

At Legend College Preparatory your Course of Study is our priority. This includes the classes you take and the profile you build. Our students have an easier time with their education because they get:

Accessibility – You can take classes as soon as you’re ready for them. You want to double up on a subject? Go right ahead. You want to start AP’s at an earlier year because you’re up for the challenge? No problem. If you have the prerequisites met, we’ll gladly open the right doors for you.

Efficiency – Meet just once per week during the school year, or complete an entire course in 6 weeks during the summer. We’re here to help, not dominate your life.

Relevance – Take courses positioned to help you achieve skill and proficiency aligned with your higher education goals.

We hold our credited courses during the afternoons and Saturdays, without clashing with your established schedule. This way, there’s no need to upend your social life. (Think of it this way… you have all the benefits of a private school without giving up your public school life!)

What does this amount to? Control. You taking control of your education again and directing yourself to your future without others getting in your way.

I invite you to come learn more.


Joshua Chan

Academic Dean

Legend College Preparatory