Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Legend College Preparatory is dedicated to offering the best possible college preparatory education for students living in the Silicon Valley. To this end, we strive to ensure that our students:

  1. Have developed goals to attend higher education with a purpose in mind.
  2. Have access to the requisite courses needed to make them a competitive candidate.
  3. Are prepared in their domain knowledge for future coursework.

Philosophy and Goals

Many students in the Silicon Valley strive for careers in STEM areas. Legend College Preparatory puts a proportionate emphasis on these subjects in individualized tracks with the right mix of coursework that prepares a student for his or her individual goals. In this way, we are able to serve a diverse set of needs with college and career readiness in mind.

Legend College Preparatory also balances its STEM focus with coursework in social sciences and humanities. We believe that all constructive pursuits in a student’s future will involve working for the benefit of other people. In the backdrop of our local communities, serving that end will require a blend of deep personal knowledge of culture, history, and society, as well as technical knowledge. Legend College Preparatory uses a blended pedagogical environment, integrating existing online curriculum, printed resources, mobile technology, instructional methodologies, and multi-format assessments.